Since 1993, the name GULATI has been synonymous with high quality and dependable Indian restaurant supply in restaurants, hotels, and banquet halls around the United States serving Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, and Middle Eastern food. We believe that food cooked in a tandoori clay oven delivers an experience packed with intense flavor, inviting texture, and a memorable sensory experience.

GULATI Tandoors has distributed thousands of tandoori clay ovens throughout the world – to commercial kitchens and outdoor home kitchens alike.

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Handcrafted by the world’s most experienced tandoor designers, each GULATI tandoor oven provides strength and dependability. We inspect each oven before it is shipped to our clients ensuring best results in the cooking process.


Our tandoori clay ovens are created using the best quality clay specifically meant for high heat cooking. Our clients demand the most authentic cooking equipment to reflect their delicious recipes. Some of the most acclaimed chefs in the world’s busiest kitchens trust and depend on tandoori clay ovens by GULATI every single day.


In 1993, GULATI introduced the United States to the authentic tastes of the tandoor in a wide scale. We are the oldest and most experienced suppliers to restaurants and homes in all 50 US states and internationally. Contact us for guidance on which tandoori ovens your restaurant needs.


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