Gulati International is the world leader in supplying tandoors (clay ovens) and serving dishes to restaurants and homes around the world since 1995. Having sold thousands of tandoors throughout the US, the name Gulati is respectfully recognized in virtually every Indian restaurant in the country. Referrals are available upon request. Please e-mail us at


Made by some of the finest tandoor designers (have experience of over 40 years) in India, each tandoor is nothing but the best. All of our items are manufactured in India & the UK, where each piece is inspected to ensure the best quality. This is done to make sure that the functionality of the tandoor compliments the beautiful craftsmanship.


The clay oven (tandoor) is our signature item and has been acclaimed by many restaurant connoisseurs. All tandoori ovens are made in India and the UK to ensure the authenticity of real tandoori food.


Introducing the United States of America to the authentic tastes of the tandoor, our products not only have the best quality, but the most experience behind them. We are the oldest and most experienced suppliers to restaurants and homes in all 50 US states, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, The Caribbean Islands, Africa and France.


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