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FREE Home Delivery, Infrared Temperature Gun, Tandoor Gloves, Charcoal Starter Strips, Weatherproof Cover, and CHARBLOX Charcoal!

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Charcoal and Gas Options

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Our Bundles include:

  • FREE Home Delivery (LA/OC California Only)
  • No Installation Necessary – Fully portable with a trolly of 4 wheels
  • 9 Skewers – 2 Bread Removal Sticks (Hook/Scraper), Four 4mm, Two 6mm, One 8mm (extra thick skewer for seekh kebabs)
  • Gadhi – Cushion to apply dough to clay wall
  • Stainless Steel Mouth Lid
  • GULATI Special Seasoning for Strengthening Clay Wall
  • GULATI’s Premium Accessories NOW Standard! (while supplies last)
    • Pair of Tandoor Gloves ($25 value) – Protects your hands from up to 932° F!
    • Weatherproof Cover ($35 value) – Protect your tandoor from weather conditions!
    • Extra Repair Clay ($35 value) – Future-proof your tandoor!
  • Optional gas burner kit is easy and detachable – use tandoor with charcoal or gas as you would like!
  • Exclusive access to constantly updated recipes! Sample: GULATI’s Original In-Tandoor Recipes


Family Size
Top Length: 18″
Height: 26″
Mouth Diameter: 10″
Belly Diameter: 13″
Feeds up to 10
Weight: 110lb
Top Length: 20″
Height: 30″
Mouth Diameter: 11″
Belly Diameter: 15″
Feeds up to 20
Weighs: 150lb
Top Length: 24″
Height: 36″
Mouth Diameter: 13″
Belly Diameter: 18″
Feeds 25+
Weighs: 280lb
The interior of the home tandoor is made of special clay formulated in India that handles the high heat & consistency necessary to create dishes typically cooked in a tandoor like chicken tikka, lamb chops, seekh kebab, grilled vegetables, tandoori chicken, paneer tikka and naan (and other breads).

Our portable outdoor home tandoor oven allows you to cook more food at once – the dimensions of these home tandoor models are made for optimal use. Cook breads and skewers together. Handcrafted by Indian artisans for generations. Great sizes for feeding small families or gatherings of over 50 people. Perfectly sized for optimal capacity & portability, perfect for your next outdoor event!