Made for 14″ Mouth or Greater

Designed & Built in the USA

Patented Design

A GULATI Original Product

Create brand new dishes like Tandoori Pizza, Tandoori Steak…practically Tandoori everything –  delicious dishes your competition simply cannot recreate!

Each TandoorDISC includes the surface-holding cradle with 4 arms for optimal control and 16″ Long Tongs.

  • Thick Grill Grate (2 halves) – unique thick grate design perfected for searing meat and easy cleaning.
  • Pizza/Bread Baking Tray – specially designed for the perfect heat ratio for top/bottom 360° baking. Better than a pizza stone!
  • Set of 2 Wire Mesh Grates – great for cooking delicate dishes like wagyu/thin cuts, small vegetables, burgers, and fish
  • Includes 16″ Stainless Steel Tongs – interact with your food from a comfortable distance from intense tandoori heat

Instantly turn your Commercial Restaurant Tandoor into a PIZZA OVEN • SEARING GRILL • SMOKER • STOVE! Now you can bake pizza, sear steaks, delicate fish, cook burgers, slow cook stews and so much more! The TandoorDISC has been designed and built by GULATI in Los Angeles, California; it is completely made of extremely strong and food-safe stainless steel.

The TandoorDISC descends into your tandoor by 6″ inches allowing for total surrounding heat. You would set your food on one of your cooking surfaces onto the holding cradle, then cover the mouth of your tandoor to create a full oven effect. The result is food cooked in a high-heat oven infused with smoke. It is truly one-of-a-kind!

Never before could you actually work with food that is being actively cooked/baked/seared at high-heat. The TandoorDISC unlocks your culinary potential to a new level no matter your past experience! This accessory has been designed to shift a few inches from the center as well in order for it to be used at the same time as your skewered foods or wall baking in your tandoor.