Catering Tandoor

This specific tandoor is made especially for independent caterers or restaurants in the catering business. The wheels at the bottom make it easy to transport to and from the events without any hassle. The catering tandoor can serve a large range of parties and is very commonly used as a live station.

Model No.HeightTop LengthMouth DiameterBelly Diameter
Model No.HeightTop Length


  • Perfect size tandoor for restaurants with small kitchens and catering operations.
  • Made of authentic clay on the inside, stainless steel on the outside.
  • Includes skewers (rods), gaddi (bread pad), heavy duty wheels, and a tray to close the mouth.
  • Weighs only 300 lbs, it is easy to transport via truck or van.
  • Fully insulated with ashes and clay.
  • Can be used with charcoal and gas (A gas burner set is supplied at an extra charge).

Optional Accessories:

  • Gas Burner Set
  • Additional Skewers

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