Catering Tandoor

This specific tandoor is made especially for restaurants in the catering business. The wheels at the bottom make it easy to transport to and from the events without any hassle. The catering tandoor can serve a larger range of parties as compared to a residential tandoor. The top cover prevents the inside of the tandoor from destroying when moving through all kinds of weather. This model has traveled all over the United States including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Model No.HeightTop LengthMouth DiameterBelly DiameterPrice
301 (Stainless Steel)34"23"12"18"$895 - Pickup from NJ
$1095 with USA Delivery
Model No.HeightTop LengthPrice
301 (Stainless Steel)34"23"$895 - Pickup from NJ
$1095 with USA Delivery


  • Good size tandoor for restaurants with small kitchens.
  • Includes 10 skewers (rods), gaddi (bread pad), a 4 wheeled trolley, and a tray to close the mouth.
  • Weighs only 350 lbs (160 kg) so it is easy to transport via truck or van.
  • The trolley is detachable meaning the tandoor will not move in your truck or van.
  • In the 31″ diameter model, wheels are attached to the tandoor.
  • Fully insulated with ashes and clay.
  • Can be used with charcoal and gas (A gas burner set is supplied at an extra charge).

Optional Accessories:

  • Gas Burner Set
  • Additional Skewers

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