Copper Barrel Tandoor

Beautiful Tandoor for Open Commercial Kitchens or Estate-style Outdoor Kitchens.

Charcoal and Gas

Hammered Copper Exterior

For High-End Outdoor Kitchens

GULATI Copper Barrel Restaurant Tandoor Available in the USA

Beautiful tandoori ovens, boasting a unique hammered copper exterior with an authentic clay pot as the interior, are sure to wow your guests and diners. These tandoors are perfect for high-end outdoor kitchens.

Model No.HeightTop LengthMouth Diameter


  • Includes 10 skewers, a stainless steel mouth cover, and handle
  • Fitted with 6″ thick heavy duty wheels
  • Can be used with charcoal or gas
  • Double Gas Burner with 70,000 BTU capacity + baffle plate included
  • GULATI Infrared Thermometer – Detects temperature of clay wall
  • GULATI Pair of Tandoor Gloves – Protects your hands in high temperatures

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