ETL Restaurant Tandoor

These models come with pre-installed Gas Safety system with thermocouple and pilot ignitor and are very easy to use and maintain. Tandoori ovens can be set for LPG/propane if required. The exterior of it is made of stainless steel. The top of the tandoori oven is made of 16 Gauge Stainless Sheet.

Model No.HeightTop LengthMouth DiameterBelly DiameterLimited Time Price
60032"28"12"24"$2500 (Reg. $2900)
60134"30"13"25"$2750 (Reg. $2900)
60234"32"15"26"$3000 (Reg. $3200)
60336"34"18"29"$3250 (Reg. $3500)
Model No.HeightTop LengthLimited Time Price
60032"28"$2500 (Reg. $2900)
60134"30"$2750 (Reg. $2900)
60234"32"$3000 (Reg. $3200)
60336"34"$3250 (Reg. $3500)


  • Hardened inner surface
  • Stone clay body (2 inch)
  • Hard coated outer surface
  • Reinforcement metal rings
  • Triple layer insulation
  • Spillage improved top casing
  • Disposal tray (for easy cleaning)


  • Power efficiency
  • Energy saver
  • Long lasting design
  • Flame nosle dirt protection
  • Cast iron gas plate


  • Dual certification from ETL – Sanitation (ANSI-NSF4) and Gas Certifications (ANSI Z83.11a-2007).
  • Mass Plumbing Board Listed: Tandoori Oven Ltd.
  • We are the only official stockist and direct importer of Shaan Tandoori (from Tandoori Oven Ltd.)
  • Large enough for big restaurants.
  • Includes 12 skewers (rods), a stainless steel mouth cover, and handle.
  • Fitted with 6″ thick heavy duty wheels.
  • Can be used with charcoal and gas.
  • Single Ring Burner with 55,000 BTU capacity with Gas
  • Safety, Thermocouple & Pilot Igniter.
  • ½” Gas Inlet (female Threaded)
  • 13″ Baffle plate is used to deflect flame.
  • Ventilation Tandoor Clay Oven for restaurant should be installed under exhaust hood as per relevant national and local codes.

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