Home Tandoor

This portable tandoor is ideal for home use. Entertaining a simple dinner for a party of 4 or larger gatherings of 40 has never been this elegant and unique. You will leave your guests in awe by adding spice to a summer barbecue by using a residential tandoor in your backyard this summer instead of, or in addition to, the traditional bar-be-que grill.

Model No.HeightTop LengthMouth DiameterBelly Diameter
201 (Stainless Steel)24"18"10"14"
Model No.HeightTop Length
201 (Stainless Steel)24"18"


  • No need for any installation.
  • Includes a trolly of 4 wheels, set of 6 skewers (rods), gaddi (bread pad), Full-Sized Aluminum Cover (protection against weather) – ($200 VALUE!), and a tray to close the mouth.
  • Ideal for home parties and cooking on the weekend for family gatherings.
  • Can be used with charcoal or gas (A gas burner set is supplied at an extra charge).

Optional Accessories:

  • Gas Burner Set
  • Additional Skewers

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