Home Tandoor

Cook more at once with this large portable home tandoor is ideal for backyard use. Entertaining a simple dinner for 4 or larger gatherings of 25 has never been this elegant and unique. You will leave your guests in awe by adding unprecedented heat and spice to a summer BBQ!

Our Indian artisans have handcrafted clay ovens for generations. This tandoor have been perfectly sized for optimal capacity & portability, perfect for your next outdoor event!

The interior of the tandoor is made of special clay formulated in India that handles the high heat & consistency necessary to create dishes typically cooked in a tandoor like tikkas, seekh kebab and naan (and other breads).

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  • No Installation Necessary
  • Includes a trolly of 4 wheels, set of 10 skewers, gadhi (bread cushion), weatherproof cover, round floor mat, and a stainless steel mouth cover
  • Ideal for home parties and cooking for the family
  • Can be used with charcoal or gas (A gas burner set is supplied at an extra charge).

Optional Accessories:

  • Gas Burner Set
  • GULATI Infrared Thermometer
  • GULATI Tandoor Gloves
  • GULATI Charcoal Starters
  • Additional Skewers