Pro Catering Tandoor

24″ x 36″ | Mirror-Finish Stainless Steel Body | Portable and Powerful

Charcoal and Gas Options

Mobile On Wheels

Feeds 25+

Pay In 6 or 12 Installments, 0% Interest Learn More.

Includes Skewers, Gadhi, and More

Your tandoor includes a set of 10 skewer accessories (2 Bread Removal Sticks (Hook/Scraper), Four 4mm, Four 6mm), 1 gadhi, mouth cover, high-heat gloves for protection, an all-weather cover, and extra repair clay for possible future needs.

No Installation Required.

Your tandoor is fully portable, set on a base of 4 wheels. Cook in your tandoor virtually anywhere.

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Bake anything at over 900° F.

Simply put, a grill does not match up. Reaching only about 500 degrees with temperatures dramatically dropping every time you open your cover or dome. Uninterrupted high temperatures allows your tandoor to bake, not just grill.

Perfectly sized for off-site events.

Whether for a small family or to cater an event for 50+ guests, we have you covered. We recommend a tandoor that matches your expectations so you have no one waiting for your delicious food.

Charcoal and Gas. The Best of Both.

If you want convenience AND flavor (as you should), you got it. Our unique setup gives you the convenience of gas with the flavor of charcoal. Our gas burners are high-BTU for use with either a propane tank or natural gas line.

Lasts a Lifetime.

GULATI Tandoor clay pots are designed for lifetime usage with robust clay, insulation, and stainless steel. The exterior is made to withstand weather conditions in the North and South of the USA.

0% Financing Available.

Buy now, pay later. We offer the option for monthly payments over 12 months, upon qualification. Contact us to learn more.

Carefully created Original Recipes

No guesswork here. Our recipes have been tested + modified over years, taking advantage of our 30 years of experience with award-winning Tandoori chefs. More recipes are continuously sent to GULATI Tandoor owners.

Introducing the GULATI TandoorDISC

Patent Pending

It seemed impossible, but we have improved upon an ancient cooking method with the introduction of the new TandoorDISC.

For the first time, now you are able to grill, smoke, bake, slow cook in your tandoor – infused smoke and flavor into virtually anything (including dessert!).

This game changer maximizes your tandoor utility – you won’t need anything else to get the best food on the block!

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